The Schuyler New American Standard Bible (NASB) represents the cutting edge of quality Bible publishing.  Now in its 2nd Edition, the Schuyler NASB was the first Bible in a series known as the Quentel. (Peter Quentel published the first copies of Tyndale’s New Testament in Cologne Germany in 1525).  This typesetting (Quentel) now includes the ESV & NKJV.  The KJV will have a similar design but will be called the Canterbury Edition.


What is distinctive about the Quentel series?  First, the typesetting is unique and designed to accommodate several important interests at the same time.  The first important feature is perhaps the most obvious – legibility – our choice of a font family – Milo with a 11 point font with line matching produces a Bible that is easy and even a delight to read.  IMG_5049The footnotes and cross references are likewise legible.  We have found that often a book is designed with everything in mind but legibility!  We were determined that everything can be read – including the references.

Another important feature of this series is the careful choice of paper.  Part of the philosophy of the Quentel series is that paper quality is a highly significant part of Bible craft.  High quality paper produces a more legible text; it is the platform for the Bible text itself and is thus perhaps the most important part of the Bible material.  In high quality Bible production paper quality is often overlooked in favor of the more visible cover material.

We have chosen a double column format with the cross references at the bottom of the page.  The references have been put at the bottom to keep the text uncluttered – free from distraction. The reader now has the best of both worlds – a text Bible – as well as references at his disposal. The chapter numbers are a brick red color as are the page numbers and page headers.  We designed a format which will accommodate many interests for the serious Bible student and reader.

Here are some features of the 2nd Edition Quentel NASB:IMG_5137

1.  All the standard features of a reference Bible: 95,000 Cross References, Footnotes, Concordance.
2.  12 pages of Oxford maps
3.  Cover: Natural Grain Goatskin – with full perimeter stitching. (Black, Antique Marble Brown, Imperial Blue, Firebrick Red, Dark Green, and Tan) – 3 x 1cm ribbon markers.
4. Calfskin liners with interior gilt line.
5.  Art Gilt Page Edging (Red Under Gold; Imperial Blue has Blue under Gold)
6. Paper – 36 GSM
7.  Font – 11 pt. Milo bold font.  Black letter text with brick red color for chapter numbers.
8. Trim Size – 6-1/8″ x 9-1/8″; 36 mm thick.
9.  Cross References (95,000)  & Concordance (20,000)


Click Here for photos of the 2nd Edition Quentel NASB.

To purchase the Schuyler Quentel NASB, please visit evangelicalbible.com.  For an extensive review of this series, please view Mark Bertrand’s Review of this Bible.





Date: July 14, 2013