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In September 2015 Schuyler Bible Publishers embarked on an ambitious project to create a Bible distinguished in style and form that would be in some measure commensurate to the majesty of the  “noblest monument of English prose” – the King James Bible. This is the Schuyler Canterbury King James Bible. It is difficult to over state the influence that the King James Version had on Christianity and the English language in general.  The King James Version was virtually the Standard English Bible for over 300 years. Even today, the King James Bible sells consistently within the top 3 translations in the United States. Interestingly – in terms of the most read Bible in the US – it outpaces all other translations by more than 2:1. In terms of global online searches, it eclipses all others.  The Canterbury Edition is slated for a mid to late 2016 release date.  Schuyler has commissioned a famous Bible Designer in Denmark (2Krogh) to create a Bible that is legible, beautiful and embodies the majesty of the King James Version.  Other experts in the field have also been consulted on this project.  This Bible is a joy to read.  Please share this page with anyone that enjoys the Bible and enjoys unique ground breaking (and colorful) Bible design! 

The Canterbury Edition Specifications


Page size: 6.125″ x 9.125″
Textblock bulk: Approx. 35 mm
36 GSM PrimaBible Paper
Font: 11 pt. Milo
Double Column
Verse-by-Verse format
(Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms)
Ornamental Drop Caps
Italics for supplied words
Self Pronouncing Text
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching to avoid “show through”
55,000 Cross References, Concordance
Glossary of King James Terms
Art Gilt Edging (red under gold)
Gold Foil Spine Stamping
Schuyler Bible Maps


Natural Grain Goatskin, Calfskin, and Leather Over Board Covers
Raised Spine Ridges
3 Ribbon Markers 
Smyth Sewn (all Schuyler Bibles)
Printed and Bound in the Netherlands

Goatskin Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Dark Purple, Firebrick Red, Imperial Blue. Calfskin Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Dark Red, Forest Green Leather Over Board Color: Black

To purchase the Schuyler Canterbury KJV, please visit evangelicalbible.com

Date: April 06, 2012